General Assembly MOB-1 Final Project: Lets Eat

My final project for my iOS development class at General Assembly. The app is called “Lets Eat” and is a food location app that helps a user find something to eat based on his or her mood. I utilized google places API for my location data. The “secret sauce” for determining how the food is associated with certain moods is based on user input during the onboarding process. Initially I wanted to have a database of predetermined relationships that would evolve as more users sign up to use the app. This was a 3 week project so a lot of that was cut out for my final presentation. Not too long after apple released Swift 1.2 and it broke my entire app. I have yet to go back and fix it. 132 errors is pretty daunting. The app is not dead but I have not had time to fix it. The source code is on my Git if you would like to continue with it.

lets eat app